HPC Entertainment Oy

Explosive Entertainment and World-Leading Social Media Expertise

Collaborations and Content Production

Thanks to years of experience and a vast amount of data, we know precisely what content reaches large audiences.

We also have excellent opportunities to produce various types of content in collaboration with our partners. We have the expertise and tools for specialized effects and filming techniques, such as high-speed cameras, ensuring that we can create truly distinctive content.

We're more than happy to offer our own channels for your use when you want to reach a large, international audience, but we also produce a lot of material for our clients' own channels.

Material and product testing services

We have a bulletproof filming bunker and an outdoor testing range with a bulletproof bunker for personnel. These facilities allow us to conduct even the most dangerous tests on various materials and products. Here is a list of our current test methods:

  • Hydraulic press testing with force and distance data
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing with windows up to 300 bars and in a closed chamber up to 2000 bars
  • Impact testing
  • Industrial robot-operated tests
  • Explosive testing
  • Pressure testing for pressure vessels, including gases and not just fluids
  • Pulling strength tests with a hydraulic press up to 10 tons
  • Thermal testing for extreme temperatures
  • We also have a fully equipped prototype workshop to build additional test methods and necessary equipment as needed.

We have multiple high-speed cameras at our disposal that can film up to 30,000 frames per second, with the option to rent even faster cameras if needed. The filming bunker is equipped with 3 kW of LED lights for high-quality high-speed photography. Additionally, the bunker has bulletproof windows that allow us to film close to the action without risking our expensive cameras.

World-Leading Social Media Expertise

One of our biggest creations, the Hydraulic Press Channel, already has over 25 million followers and billions of views annually. This, combined with 8 years of professional experience in social media, gives us a unique skill set to help you and your business succeed on various social media platforms. We can assist you in crafting a comprehensive and goal-oriented social media action plan for your business, or you can book a half-day brainstorming workshop with Lauri to generate TikTok video ideas.